• Ryan Atlee

The Market Gap

We see it all the time. The permitting districts have their checklists, which include a submission of a ComCheck showing compliance with the required IECC. The architect quickly puts one together and submits it, satisfying the city's permitting requirements. Then, all gets lost in the great shuffle and transition to construction. The document gets buried in the planset, the general contractor is not informed of any potential decisions or specifications, and no one is on board to inspect and verify that the ComCheck is followed.

Only recently, we have seen some municipalities start to require the ComCheck verification checklist at final inspections. This is a good step, in that it has placed this missing link on the radar of GC's. However, we cannot rely upon municipalities to be our only source of doing things correctly in the marketplace. That is a misplaced trust upon inefficient governmental agencies who are already burdened with managing too much.

It should fall upon the competitive marketplace and professionals to inform each other and help raise the bar of performance.

IECC compliance is required in the State of Texas and in order to do so, you must satisfy more than just the permitting district's requests. There is an established process that must be followed whether city inspectors ask for documentation in the field. It all starts with knowing the process and then having a team in place to help with execution.

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